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Security Audits

Combine manual testing, static analysis, and formal verification for robust security.

Penetration Testing

Leverage a world-class team of experts to prevent critical attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

Usability Testing

Utilize us for not just formal testing but also an all-round UI/UX based usability testing.

Some well known companies we recently reported bugs

Reimaging Security for an ever changing business environment.

It’s time to take security seriously, especially understanding that meeting regulations do not always ensure safety from hacks.

The audits nobody should ever miss

  • Backend Security & VAP
  • API Security & VA
  • Security Compliance check
The most important security checks
Our Clients

What they said

Helping the internet become secure.

“The experience with Bitaces has been highly great. The team was highly skilled and cooperative at all steps and have ensured great security of our platform.”

Vadym Kurylovych, Stex

“We had a great experience working with the team. The collaboration was good with constant updates, reachability and quality of deliverables were up to the mark.”

Stephen, Pharmeasy

“My experience working with the team was really great both professionally and technically. The work delivery was quick as well, I really liked the detailed reports. I would highly recommend Bitaces team”

Christina, Zeptagram

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