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Scalable cyber security solutions that help safeguard confidential and proprietary data fromsecurity risks.


Cyber Risk is a growing problem. Always be a step ahead.

We bring not only cybersecurity capabilities but also business, user experience and compliance understanding to the table.
460+ Bugs
We believe enterprises have their own mission to fulfil and managing security should not be a hurdle in the way.
* 1130400 Lines of code reviewed.
30+ Companies
We’re young but have already reached some huge milestones.

Our extended Bitaces family

The crème de la crème of the security world

Shashank Kumar

Founder & CEO

Aditya Dixit

Founder & CFO

Anand Prakash

Mohit Sahu


Isis Agora

Customer Support

Amanda Hall

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We want to redefine how the world looks at Cybersecurity.